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ChitoCavity is a primary bioactive absorbent dressing suitable for highly exuding deep and cavity wounds. This product is made of natural biopolymer and is in medical grade non-adhering pouch.

Main component:  N-acetyl – D- Glucosamine (Chitosan)
Features & Benefits:
Acceleration of wound healing
Highly absorbent , non-adhesive
No irritation, no sensitivity (ISO 10993-10)
No toxicity (ISO 10993-5)
SBF Uptake ≥200 %
Suitable for highly exuding and infected wounds such as
Pressure ulcers
Diabetic foot ulcers
Vascular ulcers

Instructions For Use:
1. Clean the surface of the wound with SilvoSept. Do not dry it.

2. Place ChitoCavity inside the cavity.Cover it with ChitoAbsorbent and fix it with ChitoTrans

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